Our dermatologist is your skin’s best ally. There are many services and procedures she can offer ranging from lifesaving intervention to cosmetic procedures that help you restore your confidence and accentuate your most noticeable feature, your face. Sometimes there are times when seeing our dermatologist becomes necessary, and it is important to know when it is time to schedule an appointment.


Almost everyone develops skin spots in some form or another throughout the course of time. There are some instances, however, when it is wise to seek the help of our professional dermatologist to help determine if the spot is a threat or a simple skin blemish. One of the best indications of problem areas that may develop into a dangerous and deadly melanoma is the borders of the spot. If they are irregular and the color of the spot is uneven, very dark, or bluish, then it is definitely time to schedule an appointment to see our experienced dermatologist.

Dry, Flaky Patches

In some cases, you may notice that you develop chronically dry and flaky patches of skin on your face. If you have tried moisturizers and scrubs, but the dry skin won’t go away, it may be time to make an appointment to see our dermatologist. Some types of skin cancer can begin to manifest in this manner. If in doubt, you should always be cautious and seek the opinion of a dermatologist and refrain from ignoring potential risks to your health.

Chronically Irritated Skin

If you notice that you have areas of skin that remain raw, open, or discolored, then you should consult our dermatologist sooner rather than later. Any areas that seem suspicious or that do not heal properly need to be examined and possibly require sample testing. Chronically irritated skin is unusual, and though it may not be a serious risk to your health, it always has the potential to be more serious than you suspect.

If you’re thinking about seeing a dermatologist in the Santa Monica area, you should check out Grossman Dermatology. We have the experience you need to help you determine if you have a serious condition or a minor issue. We also offer a number of cosmetic treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Santa Monica or New York City.

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