Like BOTOX, DAXXIFY is an injectable that smooths lines and wrinkles, but its revolutionary formulation takes this injectable to the next level–it lasts 2-3 times longer than BOTOX.

What is DAXXIFY?

DAXXIFY is an FDA-approved, injectable wrinkle relaxer. This treatment forces the muscles that cause wrinkles to relax temporarily, achieving a smooth, rejuvenated appearance. For younger patients, our treatments of DAXXIFY in Santa Monica can be used to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place. 

Like BOTOX, Dysport, and other neuromodulators (wrinkle relaxers), DAXXIFY is formulated from a safe, low dose of botulinum toxin. What sets it apart? It is made with innovative Peptide Exchange Technology™. The DAXXIFY formula is more stable, which is why the results of the injections last longer. Instead of fading after three or four months, DAXXIFY is the first and only wrinkle relaxer that provinces youthful results for six to nine months.

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How does DAXXIFY work?

Our facial expressions are caused when the facial muscles contract. Over and over, day after day, we smile, furrow our brow in concentration, frown, yawn, squint, raise our eyebrows, and generally express ourselves. As we age and the skin becomes thinner, these repeated muscle contractions begin to cause wrinkles.

When DAXXIFY is injected into the facial muscles responsible for causing wrinkles, the muscles are forced to relax temporarily. DAXXIFY is formulated with botulinum toxin, a purified protein that blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles that tell them to contract. This clinically proven treatment is a safe, simple way to reverse wrinkles and smooth the skin or to keep wrinkles at bay for years by using DAXXIFY as a preventative treatment.

Our treatment of DAXXIFY in Santa Monica is precisely and meticulously injected only into specific muscles, allowing your other facial muscles to move freely. This ensures you retain your natural range of motion and freedom to express yourself.

What happens during a DAXXIFY treatment?

DAXXIFY injections are a short, “lunchtime treatment” that take only about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The day before your treatment, do not take blood-thinning medications such as aspirin. These medications or supplements can lead to bruising. On the day of your treatment, don’t put on makeup, face cream or other skin products. Come with a fresh, clean face. 

To begin your treatment, we will carefully and deeply cleanse your face in the injection areas. We will then use a very thin, fine needle to inject DAXXIFY into the specific muscles in your face that are causing wrinkles to appear. 

Recovery after DAXXIFY injections

There is no downtime or much of a recovery period after DAXXIFY injections. You will be able to return to your daily routine and work or typical activities as soon as the treatment is over.

At the injection sites, there may be some redness or minor swelling. This will fade quickly, within the day. Other side effects are uncommon. They could include a headache, flu-like symptoms, bruising, temporary facial drooping or weakness or drooping, and others.

Do not massage or manipulate the treatment area for a day or two. During this time, stay out of the direct sun or extreme heat. Do not exercise heavily or drink alcohol.

The DAXXIFY difference  

You will see results from DAXXIFY within a day or two of your injections. The results will be smooth, younger-looking skin and a refreshed appearance that takes years off your face. 

DAXXIFY is so exciting because you can enjoy your youthful results for six to nine months. This is three to five months longer than any other available wrinkle relaxer. Because of this, DAXXIFY is a huge step forward, a breakthrough treatment in the cosmetic world. 


Who is a candidate for DAXXIFY treatments?

Anyone who would like to refresh their appearance and smooth or prevent wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes is a candidate for DAAXIFY treatments. Ideal candidates for DAXXIFY should meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Have no rashes, infections or other outbreaks on the skin in the treatment area 
  • Are not pregnant or nursing 
  • Do not have a history of neuromuscular disease
  • Are not allergic to the ingredients of DAXXIFY (rare) 

Why choose Grossman Dermatology for DAXXIFY injections?

Dr. Karyn Grossman has been a practicing dermatologist in Santa Monica and NYC for nearly three decades. She is the founder and director of Grossman Dermatology. Dr. Grossman is known for staying on the cutting edge of skincare, facial sculpting, injectables, and anti-aging. She provides one of the largest selections of injectables, lasers, energy-based devices, and surgical options available while keeping her high-end practice a boutique, comfortable experience. With Dr. Grossman, your treatments of DAXXIFY in Santa Monica are always customized uniquely for you and performed with the most modern, advanced techniques.

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