Trained at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Grossman is considered a key opinion leader in all fields of esthetics and often works on the front lines of the industry to help develop new technologies, products, and devices. She has been the founder and director of Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica, New York City, and Beverly Hills since 1995. 

After her residency and fellowship at Harvard University, Dr. Grossman took the beauty industry by storm, developing some of the most advanced technologies, techniques, skincare products, and devices, many of which are still the gold standard for anti-aging and rejuvenation today.

Dr. Grossman, dermatologist in Santa Monica

Meet Dr. Grossman

Dr. Grossman’s thorough approach and dedication to providing her patients the best possible results and care is greatly responsible for her success and popularity. She prides herself on spending individualized time with each patient until all of their questions and concerns are addressed, regardless of what procedure they’re having. Our goal at Grossman Dermatology is to provide each patient with the knowledge and resources to achieve his or her aesthetic goals. Dr. Grossman’s unique point of view clearly strikes a chord with her devoted patients, who fly out from all corners of the world to seek out her expertise, focused calm, and the highly personalized attention she gives them.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Dr. Grossman easily earns patients for life. She sees patients in their early 20s (and on up) and keeps them for the rest of their life because they love their results. Even her older patients have found their Dermatologist for Life. This is partially because Dr. Grossman is a big advocate of providing her patients with plenty of information so that they can understand how the face and body ages, and how to best treat their concerns.

She favors long consultations where she can explain the best options (or combination of options) for each aesthetic need, walking patients through every detail. Her goal is to provide results that are improved yet natural-looking, helping individuals to look better — but still look like themselves. She is discreet and respects her patients’ privacy, never talking about her celebrity patients or making posts about them. She is well-known for her designated attention to each patient and thoroughness. 

Honors & Awards

  • California Federation Scholarship Award
  • National Merit Scholarship Commendation
  • Summer Science Training Commendation
  • Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude
  • American Academy of Dermatology Award to attend the British Academy of Dermatology
  • Alumni Visiting Professor at Harvard (2004)


  • Boston University Six-Year Liberal Arts Medical (1984-1990) 
  • Education Program Bachelor of Arts in Medical Sciences, Cum Laude
  • Boston University School of Medicine (1986-1990), Doctor of Medicine
  • Training, residency, and membership at Harvard Medical School

Training & Career

  • Intern, Department of Internal Medicine 
    University of Michigan Hospitals
  • Research Fellow, Department of Dermatology (1991-1992)
    Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Resident, Department of Dermatology (1991-1995)
    Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Attending, Department of Dermatology 
    Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Attending, Division of Dermatology 
    St. John’s Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA
  • Attending, Division of Dermatology 
    University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  • Private Practice 
    New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA
  • Department Chief, Division of Dermatology 
    St. John’s Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA
  • Instructor 
    Teaching proper use of many advanced laser technologies 

Published author

Dr. Grossman has published a variety of articles in the dermatologic literature, ranging from basic science research articles to those on cosmetic dermatology, and has authored numerous textbook chapters on hair loss, chemical peels, fat injection techniques, laser treatments and treatment of facial scars. She also has presented various studies at the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, the American Society of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, and the Manhattan Eye and Eye International plastic surgery meeting.

In the Media

Dr. Grossman was named one of five “Hot Derms” by Harper’s Bazaar, and was also named as one of the top cosmetic surgeons by Town & Country magazine. She has also made appearances on or in a wide variety of media outlets, including Oprah, The View, Access Hollywood, Time, the New York Times, Elle, Vogue, Allure, InStyle, Glamour, W, Marie Claire, and many more. She is widely sought out by these outlets to discuss treatments, techniques, and advancements in the dermatological and cosmetical fields. 


Dr. Grossman’s Philosophy 

“As a cosmetic dermatologist, I have two duties that never get old: one, educating my patients about skincare and anti-aging to help make their complexions as healthy and radiant as possible; and two, addressing any other ways they’d like to turn back the clock with procedures and treatments that really work and are 100% right for them. 

During the consultation process, we tackle both of these concerns. I use the term ‘process’ because that’s what a consultation should really be — a process that involves evaluating your skin’s health, listening to and assessing your aesthetic desires, and together devising a comfortable and realistic plan to get you closest to perfection.” – Dr. Karyn Grossman


2008 Pinnacle Award

2008 Pinnacle Award

Privileges Program Award

Allergan Partner Privileges Program Award

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