Remove the Redness

Micro-doses of diluted neuromodulators such as Botox® have the ability to reduce the flushing that occurs with rosacea and other conditions. Neuromodulators can reduce the rush of blood flow to the skin, minimizing redness in 1-2 weeks. The nose, cheeks, and chin can all be treated with no downtime or pain.

The Problem with Redness

Day-to-day activities such as exercising or simply going outside into the sun can cause a rosacea flare-up, resulting in redness — never mind the burning and pain that can come along with it as well. Those who suffer from inflamed skin have to deal with the stress of never knowing what their skin may look like; the constant question, “Is your face okay?”, and discomfort. 

Why Choose Neuromodulators?

Traditionally, oral or inflammatory medications have been used to treat redness in the skin, but neuromodulators are proving to be more and more popular to reduce flushing because not only does it treat the inflammation; it also improves the skin by softening wrinkles and shrinking pores. 

Furthermore, neuromodulators seem to do well in rosacea patients who have had problems with other medications. Neuromodulators have also proven to be very efficient in achieving the following:

  • Minimized redness in the skin
  • Reduction in oil production
  • Decreased inflammatory lesion count
  • Smaller pores 

What’s the Science?

When neuromodulators are injected, sebaceous gland reactivity has been shown to be reduced, there is less vasodilation, and dilatory responses are also reduced. Neuromodulators also influence various neuropeptides: calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), vasoactive intestinal peptides, Substance P., etc. via a cholinergic mechanism.

What to Expect

Treatment is performed through a microneedling technique with an Aquagold® microinjector. The neuromodulator is often mixed with other skin-benefiting ingredients such as plasma, hyaluronic acid fillers, or tranexamic acid for the best effect. It typically takes about 10 days to see results, which typically last 4-6 months.

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