Most of us have at least one aspect of our bodies we’d like to transform: a long-term “trouble spot” that workouts can’t touch, a post-pregnancy pooch, stretch marks, or sagging due to weight loss or aging. You’ve probably heard about traditional procedures, like liposuction, that can help you get one of the best bodies going. But other exciting new treatments can help you meet your goals, with quick, dramatic results.

Dr. Grossman offers state-of-the-art procedures such as Thermage®, Morpheus8™, thread lifting, EVOKE™, FaceTite™, CoolSculpting®, and many more, as well as a wide selection of injectables, lasers, peels, skincare, and her very own signature Kustom Karyng Lift to achieve the absolute best results for her patients. 

Step 1. Getting Your Perspective

As in my facial consultations, I start by taking a thorough history and then ask what’s bothering you. Again, hearing your concerns firsthand is key. Some patients dislike the size of their hips and thighs and want to shrink those areas. Some, unconcerned by size, are more concerned with their bodies’ contours or with crepey skin texture. Still others worry simply about veins on their legs, brown spots on their necks and chests, or signs of premature aging on their hands.

Step 2. Strategizing

If it’s the size of your body that concerns you, liposuction can help take down volume in trouble spots; it’s also a fantastic tool for contouring. If your abdomen has some excess fat with crepey, loose skin, Thermage – a non-surgical treatment – can work wonders at tightening. Broken blood vessels on the legs? They can be zapped away with the Photoderm laser or Sclerotherapy.

Women commonly lament blotchy, aged, sun-damaged skin on their necks and chests.

A Fraxel laser can significantly improve these conditions, smoothing out tone and texture with zero down time. Meanwhile, it’s said that a woman’s hands really reveal her age, even more so than her face does. The good news: Lipotransfer offers a brilliant way to plump and smooth hands, minimizing the appearance of veins while (since the fat is transferred from another part of your body) happily obliterating that pocket of fat you couldn’t seem to lose otherwise! Photoderm and Fraxel can also dramatically improve the texture of your hands and vaporize age spots.

Finding the Right Treatment for Your Lifestyle

Whatever treatment you’re considering, take a look at your lifestyle. Some procedures take longer to heal than others or result in prolonged redness, swelling, or bruising, so you’ll want to factor in any potential downtime.

A busy working woman finding a single laser surgery too much to handle may instead go for a series of small lunchtime procedures. Another patient might feel that frequent visits are too difficult to fit into her tight schedule and opt for one, high-impact treatment instead.

Lastly, stay well informed. Once you’ve discussed all your options and understand what’s involved and what you can truly expect in terms of results, you can feel great about your treatment!

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