Body Contouring

Liposuction is the most popular minimally invasive procedure in the world for fat reduction. And now, advances in this treatment make it possible to achieve results with less downtime. At Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica, Smartlipo and BodyTite are offered to help achieve your desired shape.

Commonly Treated Areas 

  • Stomach and waist
  • Love handles
  • Knees 
  • Hips
  • Chin
  • Male breasts
  • Bra rolls
  • Thighs
  • Flab under arms

What is BodyTite?

BodyTite uses radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL), a process which liquifies and removes fat and tightens the skin, all in one treatment. The BodyTite handpiece includes two probes that work at the same time. One probe works above the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and the other probe works below the skin to melt fat and tighten the underlying tissues. This is an amazing tool we use at our medspa in Santa Monica for jawline contouring.

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BodyTite Procedure Details

BodyTite treatments can be performed with local anesthesia (and mild sedation if needed). After the area has been numbed, small incisions will be created for the BodyTite probe to enter. The probe works above and below the skin simultaneously — with the interior probe gliding through to melt fat and heat the tissues while the exterior probe stimulates collagen. Safeguards are in place to keep the radiofrequency heat levels at a safe level during treatment, as well as to ensure the right amount of coverage.


What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is an advanced form of liposuction that targets stubborn body fat in challenging spots such as the abdomen, thighs, and neck by utilizing safe, effective laser energy.

This helps the fat be removed much more easily than traditional liposuction, with less trauma. Smartlipo is praised for its reduced recovery time from traditional liposuction and increased patient comfort.

At Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica, Smartlipo MultiPlex technology (the latest generation) is offered, providing optimal results in fat reduction and tissue tightening. Laser fiber goes into the area and liquifies the fat using gentle heat before the fat is removed. 

Smartlipo Procedure Details

  • A local anesthetic is used, which means you will be awake for the procedure.
  • A tiny incision (about the size of a pen tip) is made in the treatment area.
  • The Smartlipo laser fiber is inserted into the incision through a very small tube.
  • Laser energy is emitted through the fiber, permanently destroying fat cells.
  • The liquefied fat is gently suctioned out.
  • The body’s natural collagen production is stimulated to continue improving the skin’s appearance over time.
  • Depending on the individual condition, most patients only require one session to achieve their desired results.

Smartlipo for

Jawline Contouring

Smartlipo is an excellent choice for patients who dislike the sagging skin of their jawline, but who aren’t yet ready for a surgical procedure. When used for jawline contouring, Smartlipo can address the lax skin of the area with laser energy, which stimulates heat to tighten the skin and trigger collagen production. If you’re in interested in receiving jawline contouring in Santa Monica with Smartlipo, we invite you to reach out to us to learn more.

Recovery and Results

Most Smartlipo patients only need 1-2 days of downtime. There may be some mild aches, light bruising, and swelling. You may also need to wear a compression garment temporarily, depending on the treated area(s). Because the incisions made during Smartlipo don’t require stitches, any scars that are left behind are virtually undetectable. Your thinner, improved contours will be visible after about a week and will continue to develop over the course of three to six months.

Dr. Karyn Grossman, MD

Why Choose Grossman Dermatology?

Since 1995, Dr. Karyn Grossman has been helping patients look their absolute best. As a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, instructor, Key Opinion Leader, author, and presenter in the aesthetic industry, Dr. Grossman is widely known and well-respected. She is beloved by her celebrity patients, and her everyday patients as well. Her long-established, high-end boutique practice is known for its quality, excellence, and artistic, natural-looking results. In addition, Dr. Grossman was one of the first people in the world to be trained in cosmetic laser treatments, and she has been involved in many groundbreaking laser studies. This adds to the high standard she holds for Smartlipo. If you’re in the Santa Monica or NYC area and you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to contact us.

Candidates for Smartlipo and BodyTite

Although Smartlipo and BodyTite permanently disable and remove fat cells, they are not a weight loss solution or a substitute for diet and exercise. Men and women who have healthy body weight and want to reduce areas of excess fat may be candidates for this procedure. During your consultation, our team will evaluate you to determine if Smartlipo or BodyTite is the best procedure for you.

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