Where do Cracks Appear?

Fine lines and cracks typically develop between the eyebrows, around the mouth, on the cheeks, and across the forehead. This is an obviously distracting sign of age, as it disrupts a smooth, pleasing appearance.

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How Dr. Grossman Treats Cracks

Dr. Grossman is able to treat all kinds of fine lines and cracks in the face. While Belotero® is one of her favorite dermal fillers for targeting lines and cracks, she utilizes a wide variety of fillers for this issue based on each specific patient. 

She is able to treat lines and cracks for the upper face, in the cheeks, lines and cracks around the mouth and the edge of the lips (the kind that make your lipstick bleed), and dry, cracked lips.

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“I can fully understand why the A-list celebs choose Dr. Grossman, and I feel so grateful that a regular woman like me can also receive the same level of detailed, aesthetically sensitive mastery from her. I have been seeing Dr. Grossman for treatments including lasers, Botox, and fillers for three years. Over time, the treatments have improved the appearance of my skin as she promised, such that I need less interventions in my problem areas. Wrinkles have relaxed — and I am 61 years old! I trust her completely with my face and all the skin of my body.”

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Why Choose Grossman Dermatology?

Not only are dermal fillers one of Dr. Grossman’s primary services; she also takes her own approach with these injectable treatments in order to help her patients look natural and never artificial. She is highly regarded for helping people look their best without changing their look, as she understands that most patients want to look better but not overdone. This level of customer care is just one of the reasons why Dr. Grossman’s patients love her. She sees patients in their early 20’s and on up and keeps them for the rest of their life because of her excellent results. She offers privacy and confidentiality at her beautiful boutique office, and always closely listens to what her patients want. 

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