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Dr. Grossman is a pioneer in Baby Botox® (the art of using a lower dosage of the product), and has been for over 25 years. This technique began in response to celebrities’ need to be able to move their face for their careers and the fear of the everyday patient appearing “frozen.” Dr. Grossman’s light touch with Botox has earned her many devoted patients.

Dr. Karyn Grossman, MD

Why Choose Dr. Grossman for Neuromodulators?

When Allergan, the company that makes Botox, looked at the retention rate of their top Botox users, the average percentage of patients that returned to these elite doctors was 53%. Dr. Grossman’s retention rate was 97%. As a board-certified dermatologist who is sought out by celebrities, media outlets, and patients of all kinds, Dr. Grossman has a distinct reputation for achieving artistic, natural-looking results. Her patients truly love knowing that when their treatment is complete, they will only look like a better version of themselves; never fake, and never with obvious signs of having a procedure.

Dr. Grossman has injected neuromodulators throughout the entire face for over 25 years. She is not only an expert in treating the forehead, 11’s between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet, but also treated the nose, a gummy smile, the chin, upper lip lines, eye jelly roll, and lip flips long before they were popular. This is because Dr. Grossman has had the benefit of treating cosmetic patients for over 25 years and has watched over time what happens to people as they age — making adjustments to help her patients age better.

Dr. Grossman's Experience

Dr. Grossman has many years of experience, and utilizes her background of study in art history to approach her work. She is regarded for her high-level customer care, as well as her impeccable choices when matching aesthetic concerns to a procedure. 

No matter what your cosmetic goals are, Dr. Grossman will develop the ideal treatment plan for your needs. She will customize exactly what treatment or combination of treatments to perform to get the results you want, making sure to keep a natural look in the forefront. 


What Patients are Saying About Dr. Grossman’s Natural Look

Dr. Grossman definitely makes sure that you don’t look like one of those ‘over-worked’ women you see in Hollywood. She has an eye for symmetry and natural beauty.

Dr. Grossman will help you look your best and always natural. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

If you want a natural look, Dr. Grossman is a wizard. She is always so through and has an impeccable eye. She makes me look so much younger, but still natural.

Dr. Grossman is an artist who is truly devoted to bringing out the natural beauty in each of us.

My husband’s review of my face after 15 years of being Dr. Grossman’s patient: ‘You just don’t age, do you?’

Dr. Grossman keeps my skin healthy and keeps a very natural look with Botox and fillers used very sparingly. I am almost 70, and I do not want plastic surgery, a ‘frozen face’, or inflated lips. I’m not trying to look young, I’m trying to look my best and appropriate for my age.

Dr. Grossman has a very natural approach to any procedure. Nothing she does looks unnatural. She is very gentle, patient, and always on the forefront of new technologies to make you look better.

Dr. Grossman is truly amazing. I sought her out as I wanted a doctor that wouldn’t make me look fake and unnatural, and I found the right doctor for sure.

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