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TCA peels exfoliate the skin to remove dead or damaged skin cells, and also treat a wide variety of skin conditions. They can be used at a superficial depth, medium depth, or deep depending on your specific needs. Superficial means that the peel addresses on the top layer of skin, while deeper peels reach down to target more severe skin issues. The deeper the TCA peel, the longer your downtime will be — and the bigger the risk will be for side effects (like scarring and hyperpigmentation).

What Determines the Depth?

The depth of your TCA peel will determine how extensive your healing time will be, and the actual depth of the peel is determined by the TCA concentration and how many layers of the peel is applied to the skin.


Superficial peels improve blackheads, whiteheads, skin texture, hyperpigmentation, post-acne redness, and overall tone.


Medium peels improve lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and can remove preneoplasia lesions (beginning of skin cancer).


Deep peels improve the appearance of more severe acne scarring and wrinkles.


What are the Benefits of a TCA Peel?

  • The depth of the peel can be adjusted
  • Quick and convenient treatment time
  • Downtime is typically less than with phenol peels

Treatment Details

In the weeks leading up to your TCA chemical peel, you’ll need to be extremely careful about sun protection. If you aren’t mindful with sunscreen, hats, scarves, etc., you will put yourself at risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Don’t wear makeup to your appointment, as it will just have to be cleaned off anyway.

If you have an active skin infection or wound (cold sore, acne breakout, cut, etc.), you cannot undergo a chemical peel. Before treatment, your skin will be cleansed. We will use various topical agents to prep the skin, even it out, and protect it.

Once your skin is ready, the TCA will be applied directly to your skin, in multiple layers according to the depth that has been chosen for you. The number of layers you receive determines the “depth” of your TCA peel.


What to Expect

Superficial peels typically mean about 4-5 days of skin peeling, while medium to deep peels have about 10 days of skin peeling. For medium to deep peels, you’ll have a few days of swelling and redness. If you’re prone to cold sores, please let us know during your consultation so that you have the medication you need to prevent a flare-up. During recovery, it’s incredibly important to avoid the sun so that no post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs.

It’s also important to avoid picking or peeling your skin. This poses a risk of infection, acne breakouts, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation — and can also prolong your healing time. You may wear makeup, but we recommend keeping it very minimal and simple during recovery. Also keep your skincare simple, using only a gentle sunscreen, cleanser, and moisturizer. Don’t apply anything with fragrances. 

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