The Most Advanced IPL Technology

At Grossman Dermatology in NYC and Santa Monica, IPL photofacial treatments are done using the advanced Lumecca™ device by InMode. This is a new-generation device that targets and treats skin conditions through selective photothermolysis, which means that there is no damage to the surrounding skin. This procedure is effectively able to address sun damage, freckles, rosacea (redness/blotchiness), acne, acne scars, and spider veins on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, décolletage, back, legs, hands, and arms.

Features and Benefits of Lumecca 

  • Great for both light and dark skin tones
  • Desired results in 1-2 treatments (instead of 4-6, as with standard IPL technology)
  • Reduction in treatment time from standard IPL technology
  • Strong sapphire cooling tip means improved comfort and safety 
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A sunburn-type side effect is common after a Lumeccca treatment, and typically subsides in about an hour. Many patients become alarmed when they see pigmented areas over the next day or two, but this is also common, and to be expected. In about one week, these areas of skin will flake off and reveal an even skin tone underneath.


Early results are visible just a few days after your first appointment, with your skin continuing to improve over time. Peak results appear at 1-2 weeks, and undergoing multiple photofacial sessions will achieve optimal outcome.

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The Levulan Kerastick

Another IPL technology we utilize at Santa Monica and NYC centers is the advanced PhotoDerm® laser therapy with Levulan® Kerastick® to address conditions such as actinic keratosis, pre-cancerous skin lesions, acne, rosacea, broken blood vessels, fine lines, enlarged pores, age spots, and sun damage. These conditions can be very difficult to treat, and they can also make you very self-conscious. 

The PhotoDerm device emits pulses of multicolored light that are delivered directly to the skin. This light bypasses healthy skin and is absorbed by pigmentation and blood vessels, gently heating them until they are destroyed and absorbed by the skin. The procedure is further optimized with the use of the Levulan Kerastick, which is applied one hour before the procedure. This light-activated medication destroys pigmentation and dark spots in the face — a treatment that is estimated to be 60-70 more effective than other laser therapies. Depending on your individual condition, multiple sessions may be required.

Healing After PhotoDerm

During the healing process after PhotoDerm, your skin may turn red and begin to crust and swell. Patients may also experience a flushed appearance that is similar to a sunburn during the first week of recovery. Until all redness has resolved, patients are typically advised to take precautions while outside and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for 48 hours. We recommend wearing a hat and scarf and sitting in a windowless room for the first day while the skin heals.

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IPL Photofacial in Santa Monica


Grossman Dermatology has locations in Santa Monica, California and New York City, and is led by board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Karyn Grossman. Her long-established, high-end boutique cosmetic dermatology practice offers the most advanced skincare technologies and products, and she will thoroughly examine your skin in order to determine just the right procedure (or combination of procedures) for your specific needs. In addition, Dr. Grossman performs full skin checks for each patient. She believes in educating her patients as well, and will take the time to explain skincare and her chosen treatment for you. If you’re in NYC or Santa Monica, IPL photofacial treatments are performed at Grossman Dermatology and we welcome you to contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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