“While I can change a person’s face in a significant and dramatic way, what I’m known for is my natural touch. Yes, you’ll look like you’ve lost some years — but you should still look like you.

Most of my patients tell me that their friends and spouses can’t quite figure out what’s happened, and that everyone keeps complimenting them on how good they look. I feel that I’m a walking advertisement for what I believe. I’m open and honest about my age and what I do, yet patients are often surprised at how old I am.

The biggest concern I hear from patients is that they’re worried they’ll look overdone. At a recent meeting, I was quite surprised by what I heard other physicians describe as ‘natural’. I listened to all of these talks where the speaker explained how to achieve ‘natural-appearing’ results by changing the basic characteristics of a person’s face — making a square face more round; giving someone a heart-shaped face; making larger lips; augmenting cheekbones; giving people a new bone structure, and more. I left with a deeper understanding of my patients’ fears of looking unnatural.”

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“A critical and crucial part of creating a natural look for a patient is to carefully examine and evaluate each individual as an individual. We are all different, and we all age differently. Thus, the best solution for you isn’t likely to be the same solution for your friend or sibling.”

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“My patient told me a story one day, and I consider this to be one of my greatest compliments. She had flown in for treatment and met a group of girlfriends at The Ivy for lunch. A well-known plastic surgeon happened to be there, and he knew one of the women she was with.

"He came over and went around the table explaining to each woman what he could do for her appearance. When he came to my patient, he looked at her and exclaimed, ‘Damn, you’re beautiful, and you do nothing!’ She smiled and replied, ‘Thank you, Dr. Grossman.’ ”

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