“Kustomized” for Each Unique Patient

Dr. Grossman’s signature procedure, the Kustom Karyng Lift, is a highly personalized service that is fully matched to each individual patient. It typically includes NeckTite™, Facetite™, and MyEllevate™, often with RF microneedling and some form of laser to address texture. This minimally invasive procedure allows Dr. Grossman to truly blend her artistic vision with her extensive knowledge and achieve incredible results.

What is a Kustom Karyng Lift?

The Kustom Karyng Lift is a combination procedure uniquely chosen by Dr. Grossman to target your particular area(s) of concern. With this package, patients can achieve outstanding results without undergoing major surgery.

What combination of treatments are used in the Kustom Karyng lifts? 

The Kustom Karyng Lift is specially designed for YOU, so the exact techniques and technologies widely vary from patient to patient. During the consultation, Dr. Grossman will study your features, desired outcome, and lifestyle to come up with a comprehensive plan to attack your areas of concern. It may include treatments such as FaceTite, NeckTite, Morpheus8, long-lasting sutures (MyEllevate), possibly in combination with other lasers and/or energy-based devices. 

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Your Personalized Lift with Dr. Grossman

Dr. Grossman is well-known for her combination procedures. She has the gift of being able to assess a patient and know exactly what combination of procedures will achieve the absolute best results for him or her. Her years of experience, background in art history, and passion for helping patients look their best in a natural way truly make the Kustom Karyng Lift a spotlight procedure for those who want a refreshed, more youthful appearance. Dr. Grossman also takes into consideration that everyone ages differently, and each unique Kustom Karyng Lift will need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the particular patients she is performing the procedure for.

Customized Facial Rejuvenation at Grossman Dermatology

Dr. Karyn Grossman on Her Signature Lift:

“I use a combination of modalities and different technologies to provide dramatic results tailored for each person’s individual needs. Everyone ages differently. Some see more dramatic changes in skin texture, while others see more laxity or sun damage.

Cosmetic surgery is not one-size-fits-all, and I love being able to marry my artistic vision with my knowledge and expertise in anti-aging and rejuvenating procedures. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing my patients tell me that I have made them feel much more confident and took years off their face and/or body.”

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What are the benefits of the Kustom Karyng Lift as opposed to a traditional neck lift or facelift? 

  • Does not require IV sedation 
  • Minimally invasive 
  • Less risk 
  • Easier recovery 
  • No unsightly scars
  • Much less downtime 
  • Lasers and energy-based devices can be used to improve texture and tone 
  • Can target areas of concern more precisely and focus attention where needed 

How much downtime will there be? 

Downtime for the Kustom Karyng Lift depends on the combination of procedures chosen by you and your provider. Most patients have some bruising and/or soreness, which typically resolves in a few days, and feel comfortable to resume their regular activities within 7-10 days.

Does the Kustom Karyng Lift hurt?

Pain tolerance varies between patients. Though minor discomfort and soreness are normal the in first few days after the procedure, the vast majority of our patients report that they had little to no pain. Our goal at Grossman Dermatology is to ensure that you have the most pleasant experience before, during, and after your visit. This is why we offer many options for sedation including Pro-Nox, IV sedation, oral sedatives, and local anesthetic injections. 


The Very Best Since 1995

In 1995, Dr. Karyn Grossman began her cosmetic dermatology private practice. It is here — in her long-established, high-end, beautiful boutique office — that she delights patients daily with her exceptional care and results. Grossman Dermatology is now known as a place of quality, excellence, outstanding patient care, and artistic, natural-looking results. Patients greatly value Dr. Grossman’s dedicated attention, thoroughness, and the time she takes to have a long consultation where she educates them on how faces age and all the options that are available. Dr. Grossman offers privacy and discretion, and impresses her patients so much that they remain loyal for life. 

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