Gynecomastia is the medical name for unwanted male breast growth. Developing too much fat and glandular tissue can affect even healthy men and have a crushing effect on their level of self-confidence. Some of the reasons for this condition include rapid weight gain, drug and alcohol use, a genetic predisposition, and side effects of certain types of medication. It can develop in both breasts or only one. Men who suffer from unwanted breast growth have the option of undergoing male breast reduction surgery to eliminate it.

Ideally, the male patient should possess these characteristics before surgery:

• Be at a healthy weight
• Be a non-smoker
• Not use illegal drugs
• Unable to correct the problem through non-surgical means
• Be in good general health
• Have a willingness to adopt a healthy lifestyle after surgery
• Feel physically and emotionally prepared to undergo surgery

In some cases, the excess fat and glandular tissue are due to a hormone imbalance that will correct itself in time. However, the older a man is when he develops gynecomastia, the less likely it will go away without surgery.

The technical name of the surgical procedure to correct gynecomastia is reduction mammoplasty. The way the procedure is undertaken depends on the patient’s degree of excess breast fat and glandular activity. In severe cases, the excess weight of the breast tissues can cause the breasts to sag. Also, the additional weight may stretch the areola, which is the dark skin that surrounds the nipple on both men and women.

The vast majority of men report improved self-confidence after the procedure, whether walking bare-chested at the beach or wearing a suit and tie at a business meeting. They state that they feel more attractive, confident, and appreciate having their sense of masculinity restored after surgery.

For most patients, the results of male breast reduction surgery last a lifetime. As with all surgical procedures, patient habits and lifestyle play a significant role in a satisfactory outcome. You can get all the facts during your initial consultation at Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica or New York City. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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