Undesirable fat represents one of the most common problems that patients face. It can do everything from promoting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite to detracting from your overall appearance. The biggest problem with unwanted body fat is that it tends to remain on the body. Diet and exercise are seldom enough to remove troublesome fat deposits. This is why surgery, which includes liposuction, is generally required to remedy this recurring problem. Scarring, a risk of infection and loose skin are just a few reasons why patients avoid these surgical approaches. SmartLipo™ represents a new type of liposuction that aims to utilize the latest in science to melt fat off the body without requiring large incisions.

Minimally-Invasive Fat Reduction

This is a procedure that utilizes laser emissions to melt fat away. This laser light harmlessly passes through desirable cells, which include skin cells and vascular tissue, while resonating with fatty tissue to create heat. Once the tissue has been melted, it can be removed as liquid from the body. The result of SmartLipo™ is similar to traditional liposuction, but it tends to lack the swelling and tenderness associated with liposuction. This is a great advantage to the patient, which allows for minor to moderate amounts of fat to be removed with the least amount of problems.

Are There Any Other Benefits to SmartLipo™?

There are a number of benefits unique to the SmartLipo™ procedure. These benefits include:

  • Less discomfort than traditional liposuction – This procedure destroys a minimal amount of cells, which leads to significantly less discomfort than traditional liposuction tends to induce. Similar effects can be seen with the lack of bruising and swelling in the treatment site.
  • Faster recovery – The heat that results from SmartLipo™ tends to encourage blood to flow to the treatment site. This increases the rate of healing, which allows you to resume your everyday activities at a faster pace.
  • More even results than traditional liposuction – Traditional liposuction can offer uneven results after receiving treatment. SmartLipo™ utilizes precision to remove the fat, which means that the results look and feel more natural following the procedure.
  • Quick turnaround time – From the procedure itself to the recovery afterward, this procedure takes less time than traditional liposuction. This greatly benefits you by being less intrusive upon your life while still providing life-altering results.

Is SmartLipo™ Right for You?

This innovative procedure provides patients with a new way to remove undesirable fat from their bodies. This can help to reshape your body in the ways that you have always wanted without the negative side effects associated with traditional liposuction. To learn more about SmartLipo™, or to see if you are an ideal candidate, schedule a consultation at Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica or New York City. We can assess your unique needs to help determine the best treatments for reshaping your body in a more beautiful way. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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