If you are unfamiliar with the CoolSculpting ® treatment, the idea of freezing your fat may sound a bit odd. And once you understand the process, it may sound too good to be true. However, it is not. The amazing technology that is used with CoolSculpting® can help you freeze stubborn fat off your body. But how does it really work?

In order to understand how the CoolSculpting® process works, it helps to understand how it actually got started. Doctors who worked in a children’s hospital noticed that children who had a frozen treat every day and sucked on the frozen treat on the same side of their mouth started to get dimples in that area. They discovered that when fat cells are exposed to very cold temperatures, they die. Then the body gradually gets rid of those fat cells in a natural way. After doctors observed this happening in the children’s hospital, they went to work inventing CoolSculpting®.

Ice is not used in order to freeze your fat. Instead, the CoolSculpting® device is applied to the area of your body that is going to receive treatment. This device applies intense cold to the area. When you have this procedure done, you are not going to walk out of our office any thinner or any lighter than you were before treatment. It takes time for the procedure to actually work. It is most likely that you will start to notice fat loss in the area a few weeks after the treatment. You are likely to see the full results after multiple months.

So, who is CoolSculpting® designed for? This treatment works best for individuals who have pockets of fat on their body that they cannot get rid of on their own through diet and exercise. So, if you have love handles, fat on your thighs or belly fat, this treatment may be right for you. It is important to understand that this is not a weight loss procedure; it is a body contouring procedure.

Get in touch with us at Grossman Dermatology to learn more about how you can use CoolSculpting® to freeze your fat. Eliminating stubborn pockets of fat on your body may be a whole lot simpler than you once thought. Contact us today at either of our offices in New York City or Santa Monica to schedule a consultation and get started!

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