It is estimated that as many as 90 percent of American women struggle with cellulite, a subcutaneous network of tissue that causes the dreaded orange peel-like appearance on the thighs, arms, buttocks, hips and other areas. There are numerous treatments on the market aimed at treating this issue, but they are wrought with downfalls, and most are completely ineffective. Cellulaze on the other hand is different. This laser cellulite treatment provides a variety of benefits for women who want to be rid of unsightly cellulite.

It is Clinically Proven

In contrast to most other treatment aimed at eliminating cellulite, Cellulaze is backed by clinical studies and has been proven to be highly effective at getting rid of unwanted cellulite. In these studies, both participants and outside observers noticed that cellulite was far less apparent after treatment with Cellulaze. There were also improvements reported in skin elasticity and thickness, which provides greater smoothness and imparts a younger, healthier appearance. These clinical studies also found that the vast majority of patients experience a high level of satisfaction with their results.

Results That Last

Among those things described above, clinical studies regarding Cellulaze even showed that the procedure offer results that last. Although it is impossible to say exactly how long your particular results will last, many of the studies’ participants have enjoyed their results for two years or longer. No other treatments for cellulite can even come close to clinically established one-year minimum results provided by Cellulaze.

It is Minimally Invasive

Cellulaze is considered a surgical procedure, but unlike other similar options, it is minimally invasive. The Cellulaze procedure involves tiny incisions to accommodate a cannula, or thin, narrow tube, mounted with a laser. This laser softens and breaks up cellulite, allowing it to be removed through the cannula because of the small incision size and relatively gentle removal method. Most patients experience less pain and bruising than with other surgical methods, and the recovery tends to be faster.

Results in Just One Treatment

One of the biggest issues with other treatments for cellulite, whether it’s a cream, gel or massage, is that they require you to undergo several applications if you want to see any results. In many cases, these things require you to have one treatment every month, and some even demand numerous treatments per day for several months in order to gain even the slightest benefits. With Cellulaze treatment, you can see beautiful results in just one treatment.

If you are interested in Cellulaze treatments, our medical team at Grossman Dermatology can help. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs. Contact Grossman Dermatology today to schedule your consultation.

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