There is a good reason that laser hair removal has become one of the most popular procedures available today: It offers a near-permanent solution to removing unwanted hair through tedious and time-wasting tasks like shaving, waxing, and plucking. But before you undergo any type of procedure, there are certain questions that you should ask so that you understand exactly what is involved.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Today’s lasers allow us to precisely target incredibly small areas for treatment. We can even target individual hair follicles for destruction. Once the laser has destroyed a hair follicle, it can no longer produce a hair in that location. When we do this enough times, we have created a bare area that may no longer require regular hair removal on your part.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Laser hair removal works through the targeted direction of laser energy into melanin, the substance that gives your hair is color. The hair follicle will absorb this energy and be destroyed by it. After a series of treatment sessions, we may have permanently removed or reduced unwanted hair in the treatment area.

Would Laser Hair Removal Work for Me?

Generally speaking, the procedure works best for those with dark, coarse hair. This is because this type of hair has more melanin present for the laser to focus on. However, if you have lighter colored hair, you may still respond to the treatment. Ultimately, whether you would make a good candidate or not can be determined at your consultation with us.

What Should I Expect?

We will carefully adjust the laser equipment according to your individual specifications. Laser energy will then be transmitted into the hair follicles, destroying them and preventing the future growth of hair.

You should refrain from undergoing a treatment with chemical peels or other types of laser procedures for a set amount of time before and after your treatment. You should also avoid prolonged UV radiation exposure during the treatment process.

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If you would like to say goodbye to your razor by undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, schedule an initial consultation with us at Grossman Dermatology. We have offices located in New York City and Santa Monica. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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