Aging is rarely done gracefully, and those that see the signs of aging with fine lines and drooping cheeks, often look for some way to reverse the hands of time. However, not everyone is willing to pay the high price or face the high risks of face lift surgery. Thankfully, there is a middle ground for those who simply want a non-surgical way to bring back a smooth and youthful appearance to their skin.

Grossman Dermatology offers a number of different injectable options to help combat the signs of aging on the face including neuromodulators like Botox and dermal fillers. One extremely effective dermal filler option is Sculptra. Sculptra offers gradual, long-lasting results. To find out if Sculptra is the best option for you, contact Grossman Dermatology today. We can help figure out the best treatment plan for your needs, so you get the best results.

Sculptra is new type of very effective anti-aging product on the market. Belonging to a class of anti-aging products known as dermal fillers, Sculptra is injected under the skin at designated areas that need to be plumped. The Sculptra contains a type of lactic acid that essentially fills in the areas that have lost the collagen. Each injection is added to these places on the skin that have lines, sunken areas or even deep wrinkles, and the Sculptra fills in those spots. The end result, after the appropriate number of injections for your specific skin issue, is wonderfully youthful looking skin that will last for several months to several years.

Sculptra does need to be administered by a professional dermatologist – like Dr. Grossman – as even as safe a procedure as Sculptra does have some risks. The crucial factor is that the lines or sagging areas are filled in with the appropriate amount of filler and in the right places. For this purpose, it is highly recommended that patients use a professional.

The results from Sculptra are nothing short of amazing, and the cost is far less than what even a mini-facelift would be. A facelift typically costs several thousand dollars, while dermal fillers usually only cost a few hundred dollars. Even better, the procedure is completed as an out-patient basis, unlike surgery, that would require at least an overnight hospital stay.

Sculptra may be exactly the product that can help you look years younger in just a few days. Dermal fillers may not last quite as long as a face lift, but you can repeat the procedure as needed. Additionally, the cost and risks are far lower than that of surgery, making dermal fillers the new generation of true miracle products that actually deliver on their promises.

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