Are you unhappy with the signs of aging on your face? A simple Sculptra treatment at our office can be used to restore facial volume and provide you with many benefits.

Restores a More Youthful Shape

Sculptra works deep beneath the skin’s surface to attack the source of aging, therefore helping to reinforce your skin structure, as well as restore volume and fullness to the face. People around you will notice that you look younger, fresher and more beautiful over time. The best part is, they will never be able to put the finger on what exactly was done.

Offers Natural-Looking Results

Sculptra works by gradually stimulating collagen production in your body, resulting in a natural, youthful and more beautiful look rather than a sudden dramatic change in your appearance.


As already mentioned, Sculptra treatment works gradually. You will be able to see improvements on your face in the weeks following the treatment that could last as long as two years.

Improves Skin Texture

Sculptra may work by stimulating collagen production deep within your skin, but the results are visible on the surface layers of your skin, too. You will notice that your skin begins to glow and achieves a smoother texture in addition to receiving plumping and volumizing effects.

Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Along with an improved appearance, you will most likely experience a boost in self-confidence. If you were dissatisfied with your appearance, an increase in confidence reduces the risk of depression and the other problems that can stem from having low self-confidence, such as sleep difficulties, trouble keeping up with your daily life, as well as severe health risks. Our dermatologist in Santa Monica, CA or New York, NY can help you in your journey to improving your confidence in your appearance by performing a simple Sculptra procedure on you.

Encourages You to Get Out There

An improvement in self-esteem is likely to make you more active, and you may even choose to start exercising regularly or even socialize more knowing that you look and feel great. Either way, exercising or simply getting out of the house and enjoying yourself more will help you tone and shape your body. It will also help you enjoy a better quality of life.

If a treatment like Sculptra sounds like it could work wonders for you, make an appointment with us at Grossman Dermatology and discuss a treatment regimen established to meet your individual goals. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Santa Monica or New York!

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