Age, damage from the sun, health conditions and countless other factors can negatively influence the appearance of your body. While many of these factors occur on the face, the chest is one place where these problems can occur that can greatly affect your image.

The biggest problem about imperfections on your chest is that they can be difficult to treat. Over-the-counter treatments tend to offer little success, and some specialists will only offer surgery as an option.

Fraxel® laser resurfacing is an advanced treatment for treating your skin. It can selectively target areas for treatment, which brings numerous advantages when you want to eliminate just the problematic areas on your chest.

How Does Fraxel® Work?

Fraxel® laser resurfacing is yet another treatment that focuses on selectively destroying unwanted cells within the skin. It does so by utilizing lasers, which are able to harmlessly pass through healthy cells while destroying unwanted problems.

The reason Fraxel® is ideal for the chest revolves around the way it can be tuned. The light can pass through your upper layers of skin to transform into heat when it reaches the collagen layers beneath your skin. This can treat minor lines and other form-related imperfections.

After old, lackluster skin cells are destroyed, your body will begin the process of healing. This allows new cells to take their place, meaning that the collagen layers are tighter and that your skin looks newer.

The result is skin that is free from trouble spots, and sees a reduced number of wrinkles.

What Can Fraxel® Treat?

Fraxel® laser resurfacing can treat numerous skin conditions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Age spots
  • Dyschromia
  • Scars
  • Sunspots
  • Fine to moderate wrinkles and lines

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Besides the effectiveness of Fraxel® treatments and the conditions it can successfully treat, the treatments carry a few other benefits.

The first is a reduced risk for complications like dyschromia and infections.

The second is a reduced recovery period. The selective nature of Fraxel® allows it to have this benefit. This means less time healing, and even less time dealing with unwanted side effects.

The last major benefit of Fraxel® treatments is the ability to treat conditions that would be lifelong problems. You can be more self-confident after you have completed your Fraxel® resurfacing treatments, which is a fact that remains regardless of your age or any other factors.

Fraxel® Treatment May Get You the Smooth Skin You Desire

As a leading non-invasive treatment for countless skin conditions, Fraxel® provides a convenient and effective approach to conditions that may otherwise be untreatable. The numerous benefits to everything from recovery to safety makes it an ideal choice for many patients.

To determine if Fraxel® laser resurfacing is the best way for you to get the smooth skin you desire on your chest, contact Grossman Dermatology today.

We are located in the Santa Monica, CA and New York, NY area. We will schedule an appointment with one of our experts to assess the condition of your skin while drafting the best way to get the look you want.

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