Facial wrinkles and smile lines form when the skin becomes less elastic. The loss of supporting tissues beneath the skin is the primary culprit. The volume of moisture beneath the skin also decreases as we age.

There are various types of lip enhancement treatments available including surgical lip lifts. To get fuller-looking lips without any surgical procedure, Juvederm may be an option. This treatment gel is an injectable filler. The result is an increase in moisture beneath the dermal layers, with the lips becoming fuller and absent of wrinkle lines.

The Science Behind Juvederm

The deep dermal layers of skin contain nerve endings, tiny blood vessels, sweat glands, and connective fibers. When we are young, the moisture content of this region is pretty much constant. As we age and mature, the amount of moisture decreases and the result is wrinkling skin.

Lips lose volume as well because the skin becomes folded as the volume of moisture in the supporting tissues begins to drop.

Juvederm is a specialized gel that contains hyaluronic acid. This acid is formed naturally in the body, and it draws moisture and holds it in place. As we age, we produce less of this acid compound.

The Juvederm gel, when injected, is pliant and remains in place for a considerable amount of time, often as long as nine months. Eventually, the gel is absorbed by the body and flushed.

What the Treatment Procedure Involves

Depending on the severity of the wrinkling and the exact location of lip wrinkles, one specific type of Juvederm gel is chosen by the dermatologist. The injection sites are mapped, and the proper dosage of gel is determined. The patient receives several injections in the lip area, sometimes with additional injections in other areas where nasolabial folds exist.

The treatment session lasts less than one hour. Our patients usually feel little or no pain at the injection sites. Once the treatment is complete, no downtime or recuperation period is needed. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Advantages Of Juvederm Filler Treatment

The main advantage of filler treatments is that no surgery is required. The injections are made using a very tiny, thin needle, so no visible scarring occurs. Repeated injections may help stimulate collagen production because the moisture levels in the lower dermal layers have increased.

Each subsequent treatment requires less gel to achieve the same result. The lips remain fuller for a longer period of time, with some of the finer wrinkles around the edges of the upper and lower lips disappearing permanently.

Find Out If Juvederm is Right for You

There are several different Juvederm gels, each one developed for specific use. We encourage you to contact Grossman Dermatology today to schedule a consultation. We’ll give you all the facts about the treatment itself, and determine the extent to which Juvederm can take years off your appearance by adding volume to your lips and reducing the visible signs of wrinkling.

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