Dermatological conditions tend to develop as we age and as our skin undergoes repeated exposure to the sun. This damage accumulates in ways that leave the skin functional but substantially less beautiful than it was.

While many of these problems can be treated, conventional treatments require invasive surgery. The side effects of these procedures can tarnish the beauty of your skin while having effects that last only until the skin deteriorates again.

The setbacks of traditional treatments have given rise to a plethora of non-surgical therapies designed to restore the skin. Dermal fillers like Radiesse® represent one of the most convenient and effective classes of dermatological treatments that are designed to correct and minimize wrinkles.

What is Radiesse®?

This is a unique dermal filler designed to promote the regrowth of collagen in areas where it has been displaced. This can effectively treat things like sunken cheeks, lines on the forehead and so on.

Unlike other types of dermal fillers, the calcium hydroxlapatite microspheres promote collagen regrowth beneath the skin. This leads to improvements that can for a long time, which means that further treatments will likely be less drastic.

Another distinct difference Radiesse® exhibits is the fact that it is capable of greater restoration than other dermal fillers. The larger, less flexible microspheres provide support while the collagen cells regrow.

What are the Benefits?

Despite the many differences Radiesse® exhibits from collagen fillers, the main goal of Radiesse® remains the same: it adds material where collagen may have been displaced, which provides you with relief from wrinkles, fine lines, sunken cheeks and other issues.

One reason you may choose to use this injectable revolves around the greater effects it can have on a per-treatment basis. Compared to other dermal fillers that require two to six injection sessions a year, you may only need to undergo one to two treatments every two years per treatment site.

Another benefit of Radiesse® is the fact that it does not directly use collagen. This avoids the possibility of allergic reactions, which are common with collagen-based fillers. It also reduces the overall chances of inflammation.

Compared to other dermal fillers, the ingredients of Radiesse® are relatively inert. This reduces the risk of inflammation, the need for downtime and healing and the overall discomfort that you may experience as a patient.

The last and arguably greatest benefit to all patients is the fact that Radiesse® tends to last longer than other dermal fillers. This stems from the way the microspheres resist removal by the body while these same spheres promote collagen growth.

Is This Injectable Right for You?

Understanding the individual benefits of Radiesse® will go a long way in helping you determine if this treatment is for you. Schedule an appointment at Grossman Dermatology so that our team can assess your unique dermatological needs. We can use our experience to help determine how Radiesse® and other anti-aging treatments may benefit you, which will help you acquire a treatment plan that beautifies your skin. We have offices in Santa Monica and New York City. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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