The educated consumer is certainly no fool, and when it comes to the best in subtle cosmetic tweaking, BOTOX® injections cannot be surpassed. Maybe that is why the amazing anti-wrinkle serum is considered the gold standard of injectables. From Beverly Hills to Budapest, BOTOX® remains the world’s leading aesthetic treatment. More than 7.3 million procedures are performed yearly in the United States alone. No one likes wrinkles and frown lines. Don’t you hate it when people say you look tired, angry or even old? BOTOX® works on all adult skin types and skin tones and delivers a smoother, more youthful complexion every time.

Years of Success

The BOTOX® phenomenon surfaced in 2002 when the FDA gave the super serum the thumbs up for cosmetic use. At the time, the injectable was being promoted as a frown-fixer for the two vertical lines located between the eyebrows, but it can treat more than just the glabellar lines.

For example, if your horizontal frown lines are deep and deeply annoying to you, BOTOX® injections can soften them until they’re hardly noticeable. Our talented Beverly Hills injectors can also create a subtle lift at certain areas.

Crow’s feet are also halted with these injections. That way, you appear rested and refreshed with more youthful eyes. For an ageless neck, our skilled aesthetic specialist can place the anti-wrinkle serum into the vertical neck bands to soften them.

No Surgery or Recovery Time

Another reason the super serum has become so wildly popular in Beverly Hills is that it is safe, simple and speedy. Within minutes, the procedure is over, and you can get back to daily living. Most likely, no one will be able to tell you’ve had the treatment done, and you don’t have to nurse healing surgical sites. BOTOX® is easy and effective.

The wrinkle-free effects from one treatment session can last for months. After that, your lines will slowly come back. You can simply schedule additional treatments as needed for ongoing results.

BOTOX® has become extremely popular worldwide because it delivers subtle results for both women and men. If you’re excited to banish your wrinkles and lines, then consider visiting us at Grossman Dermatology, located in Santa Monica and New York City. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started. We look forward to speaking with you!

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