There are countless dermatological conditions that can develop within the skin. They can range from simple changes in skin tone to life-altering scarring stemming from acne outbreaks. The main problem with treating these conditions is that each condition seems to require a different approach. That is why there are so many different treatments available both over-the-counter and from dermatologists.

Intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL treatment, represents one of the more durable methods designed to treat the issues that skin may develop. It can help with everything from acne to lessening the appearance of age-related wrinkles and scars.

What is IPL Treatment?

IPL utilizes intense beams of light to send energy through the skin to cells that require it. This energy breaks apart undesirable cells, which can range from cells containing excess melanin to uneven formations of collagen cells. Once these cells are affected, the body begins to remove them. New cells are grown to replace the removed cells, which in turn results in rejuvenation.

The beauty of IPL treatment is the fact that it can treat a number of conditions due to the versatile nature of the light used. Depending upon the wavelength of the light and the intensity, differing amounts of light can treat different skin conditions.

What Are the Benefits?

The unique nature of IPL treatment allows it to bestow certain benefits that even a combination of the most advanced procedures is unable to bring. These benefits include:

  • Effectively treating pigment-related issues – IPL treats cells in a broad manner. This allows undesirable cells to be removed, which in turn makes it perfect for treating pigment-related issues, which include rosacea, hyperpigmentation and age spots.
  • Correcting deeper issues – Depending upon the IPL treatment setup, issues that exist deeper in the skin can be treated. This means that everything from scarring to collagen-related issues, which includes wrinkles and fine lines, can be treated.
  • Healthy cells don’t get affected – The selective nature of IPL treatments allows healthy, desirable cells to remain unscathed after treatments. This keeps your beautiful cells safe from harm, which is something treatments like chemical peels cannot offer.
  • Activating nutrient absorption – The rejuvenation that occurs with IPL therapy helps to trigger cells so that they are more capable of absorbing nutrients. This can increase the effectiveness of nutrient applications, which in turn can help skin appear more radiant.
  • No need for surgery – One of the biggest benefits of IPL treatment is that fact that it does not require surgery. This means less recovery is needed to see stellar improvements.
  • Reducing bacteria and other contaminants – IPL treatment can target bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt. This can effectively kill biological invaders while removing undesirable contaminants from the skin.

While IPL treatments can provide amazing results for the right patients, they may not be ideal for everyone. This is why it is important to schedule a consultation with our experts at Grossman Dermatology. Our team of medical professionals will be happy to answer any questions, and to diagnose your unique dermatological needs. We have locations in Santa Monica and New York City. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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