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Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica

Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica - Millions of women are bothered by spider veins - those small yet unsightly clusters of red, blue or purple veins that most commonly appear on the thighs, calves and ankles. In fact, it's estimated that at least half of the adult female population is affected by this common cosmetic problem.

Now you can easily remove those unsightly varicose veins and spider veins in your legs. Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica is a mainstay treatment for leg veins. A special solution is injected into the blood vessel, which then irritates the blood vessel wall. Over the next few weeks, the blood vessel will shrink or disappear.

The initial part of your exam involves a complete history and physical to determine any possible contributing factors to your problem. Dysfunction of the valves within the veins contribute to spider veins, you may be sent for special non-invasive tests to determine if a special correction of a leaky valve may need to be performed.

After this, your leg veins can be addressed. Initially, the larger blue veins will be treated. This involves a series of injections spaced 3-4 weeks apart. After the procedure, you will be asked to wear special stockings for the following 7-10 days in order to obtain the optimal outcome.

Then smaller blue and red veins will be treated. Again, injections are in the preferred starting point. You will need to wear your stockings only for 2-3 days. Any remaining vessels can then be treated with the Photoderm laser.

There are several risks associated with the Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica injections. You should NOT be pregnant or considering a pregnancy at the time of the procedure. The Sclerotherapy in Santa Monica process will typically take several treatments about 4 weeks apart. Only a certain amount of fluid can be safely injected at each visit, and while we will inject as many veins as possible, if you have many veins we may not be able to safely treat them all during one session. Afterwards, you may experience some bruising. Occasionally, small scabs can form at the site of the injection. Rarely, a small amount of blood may leak into the surrounding tissue as the vessel fades. This causes a faint brown mark or “ghost” where the old blood vessels used to be. This will fade with time however it may take several months. Occasionally, the new blood vessels will be formed when the old ones go away. This is a process called matting. Frequently these can be treated with one Photoderm.

Overall, you should expect to see significant improvement with treatment. You will feel much more comferterable wearing clothes that expose your legs, as those troublesome blood vessels will be gone.

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