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As a cosmetic dermatologist I have a two-fold responsibility to my patients. First and foremost I am committed to educating patients about, and helping them attain, healthy skin. Second, I am obliged to help them achieve their aesthetic dermatology goals. Both of these factors are addressed during the consultation process. I use the term “process” because that is what I believe a consultation should be. Evaluating the health of a patients skin, listening to the aesthetic desires of the patient and in turn providing my assessment of those, educating the patient about the aging process and finally helping the patient come up with a comfortable and realistic plan to achieve them is just that…. A process.

Sometimes patients want to simply skip the segment of the consultation that deals with the status and health of their skin. However, with thousands of new cases of skin cancer being reported every year it is imperative that I evaluate all patients current skin condition. All too often people put off seeing a dermatologist because they don’t believe that they would ever have anything to worry about. They say they have been “sun safe” or that they have never really been “into sunbathing”. Unfortunately statistics show, and I have personally seen, that nobody is immune to the often devastating effects of daily sun exposure. I can honestly say that all patients, including the ones who weren’t very enthusiastic about this part, are grateful for the time spent on this and truly appreciate knowing the health of their skin.

The next step in the consultation process is usually the part about which patients are the most excited! Unfortunately, most of us have seen, heard or read about people having bad experiences and sometimes having to live with a lifetime of scarring or worse because due diligence wasn't given. Even though many aesthetic enhancement procedures can be relatively simple, painless and “quick”, they are still medical procedures and should be addressed by doctor and patient alike as such. That being said, let me tell you a little bit about my take on aesthetic enhancement. Less is usually more. A natural looking result with no tell-tale signs of being "done" is usually better. Not all procedures are indicated for all patients.

Keeping in mind what the patients goals are I will educate them on the various options available to them. Sometimes more invasive procedures are required to meet those goals, such as a ThreadLift or a CO2 Resurfacing, and sometimes non-invasive procedures such as a Fraxel laser treatment or simply an excellent, personalized skincare regime, are all that is needed. Often, it is a combination of treatments that will bring about the most optimal result. It is important patients understand all available options regarding all possible treatments that would be of benefit to them. I don’t believe in recommending only the most aggressive procedures, which are often the most costly. These types of treatments may, in fact, be the ones that will provide the “home-run” results, but all information must be given so that they can decide what is best for them. My extensive knowledge and understanding of all the available technologies, combined with the integrity of not “selling” procedures to patients gives them peace of mind. The best decision is an educated decision. It is my job to provide patients with that education and it is their job to process the information and decide what is best for them.

Lastly, I want to you to know that I am steadfast in my belief that safety is paramount. I am proud to say that I alone perform all the procedures in my office. As I mentioned previously, I have seen too many problems that have occurred because of practices putting patients in the hands of non-qualified personnel. The lack of procedural knowledge and training and therefore, the inability to give patients accurate information often results in these unfortunate instances. Patients must always be informed of the risks, the healing process, and the long-term expectations of each procedure before making the decision to proceed. I encourage you to browse my web-page, look at the before and after photographs and read about the various procedures available to you. There are links provided on the site – click on them to see me on different television programs discussing the latest procedures or to review articles on safety and choosing the right physician. After doing so I truly hope you are excited to set up a visit with me so we can get you on the right path to beautiful, healthy skin.

Karyn Grossman, MD is a board certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology in Santa Monica, CA and Manhattan, NY areas. Areas of expertise include the Contour Threadlift being called the "60 minute non-surgical facelift" or the "no scar facelift", lipotransfer, liposuction, laser resurfacing, face and dermal fillers, chemical peels and other non-surgical treatments.

Patient Testimonials

Before going to Dr. Grossman, I had been to several doctors for Botox/filler treatments and the results were less than satisfactory.  It seemed as if they had a one-size fits all philosophy that didn’t suit my needs:  I ended up with too much distortion, the “too frozen” look, droopy eyebrow, etc.  So I was pretty wary about getting Botox or any other procedure again

However, after hearing so many wonderful things about Dr. Grossman, I decided to visit her for a consultation.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with that decision.  She not only took the time to talk to me, she really listened to my concerns and needs.  But mostly I was struck by how she was evaluating me, the way she was looking at me -- and that is, with the eye of an artist.

I just had my second Botox and filler procedure with Dr. Grossman, and as with the first visit, I was literally amazed by the results.  The changes were so subtle, yet they made a huge difference in my appearance; I looked at least 5-7 years younger, but more importantly, completely natural -- like me, only better!  It was then that my eyes were open to the fact that plastic surgery is truly an art form -- in such a way that anyone can paint, but real artists are able to create masterpieces.

My experiences have shown me that not all plastic surgeons are created equal.  Dr. Grossman is in a league of her own.  She is warm, friendly and professional… and not only is she is an amazingly talented, highly skilled practitioner, in the world of plastic surgery, she is a rare and true artist


I cannot recommend Dr. Grossman enough for Botox and or fillers. She has the magic touch. She knows how to provide just enough to make you look fresh and youthful, without going overboard and distorting your face. We've all seen those people whose faces look frozen or who have lips you can see from outer space. I went to a supposedly "amazing" doctor in Beverly Hills once. I went in to get filler in my lips. I had a consultation with him and told him I was looking for a little plumper lip but nothing too drastic. Well, when he was finished he handed me a mirror and I had a flash of what the elephant man must have felt when he looked at himself for the first time. I was horrified to see a set a lips that could have kept the Titantic afloat.  In fact, the filler went beyond my lips and made my entire mouth area look swollen and distorted. I was hysterical and embarrassed and extremely upset that I had done this to myself. I grabbed a box of Kleenex to cover my mouth and ran out of his office wailing. I heard him yell after me "Oh you women are all the same. You'll be back in a week for more" How could this man have a license? I had to hide in my house for some time!! Needless to say I have never experienced anything like this with Dr. G.

She has such a light and natural touch. In fact, the last time I got Botox with her, my husband (who does not like me getting Botox because he thinks I look great without it)  said, "Wow, you look so young and rested. See baby, you don't need Botox!) Awwww. Dr. G...job well done!

Thanks to Dr. G I look and feel fabulous all the time.


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